I am your Cosmoplantie.
Glad to meet you.

I thrive in my glass container without any care. I have there everything I need for my long life.

No watering or fertilization needed!

Enjoy maintenance-free cultivation witho no worries and no work.

Growing conditions and maintenance

I don’t need much light. On the contrary, put me on the shelf, the bedside table, but avoid the windowsills. The direct sunlight causes water evaporation from the media and may shorten my lifespan. 
I am susceptible to heat, keep me in temperatures under 25 °C. In winter, the minimum temperature should be 10°C. 

If I seem grubby, you can run my glass parts over with a cloth soaked in an alcohol-based cleaner, for example a window polisher. The other parts should be wiped with a dry cloth only.

I’ m not suitable for children under 3 years, I’m not a toy.
I’m not edible.

Warranty and contact information

If a mold appears inside the glass container, return me to the shop you have bought me in. Unfortunately, in the event of my breaking or opening the container, the warranty cannot be claimed. 

If you want to dispose of me, open the lid and put the contents in the residual waste bin and the glass in the sorted waste. The plant can be saved by transplanting it into a substrate.

I was made by girls from Plantaxie s.r.o., ID: 10800247, at Radiová 1285/7, Prague 10 Hostivař. You can contact them at plantaxie@gmail.com, +420 778 704 233.
I am a Czech product with a warranty for 2 years.

Thanks for reading the pamphlet, Hooray for living together!